Who is Eilidh

Eilidh is an energetic Interaction Designer with a background in Product and Service Design from the University of Dundee in Scotland. Prior to moving to Copenhagen to study on the CIID Pilot Year she worked on projects that placed strong emphasis on the role of user-centered design, the value of experience prototyping and gaining inspiration and insights from real people and the culture they live in.

On completion of her undergraduate degree she started exploring service design within the public sector and became obsorbed with the idea of designing with – rather than for the user, harnessing their creativity and knowledge to co-create ideas. She has worked on projects at the London based service design agency thinkpublic and ran a service improvement project at Wigan Renal Dialysis Unit in the UK.

Eilidh is especially interested in how the use of innovative technologies can be applied to service-orientated systems and is passionate about using her skills as a designer to help address the complex social and environmental problems that exist in our society.
 Eilidh believes in designing services and products that will act as a platform for change and will facilitate the end user to become involved and empower them to make positive decisions.

Throughout the past year Eilidh has grown a fascination for how design can facilitate behaviour change. For her final masters project at CIID, she explored what role the new realm of ‘personal informatics’ can have on helping people live a balanced life. This project not only allowed her to gain a deep knowledge around an emerging area of interaction design but also to broaden her knowledge and expertise within user research and engagement, service design methodologies, screen based UI design and using video as a means to test and communicate ideas.

Eilidh is 100% commited to her work and using design as way to create new opportunities and improve peoples lives. However when she does not have design on the mind, Eilidh loves playing hockey, snowboarding and trying new sports that involve speed and a little danger – and her new found activity…training for the Copenhagen marathon!

Area of Expertise: Interaction Design, Service Design, Design Research, Scenarios and Storytelling

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