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NEXT here we come!

March 31, 2009

After a busy few days we are all ready and packed for the NEXT exhibition this week[end]. Sid is heading off tomorrow to Aarhus, and Adam and myself will join him on friday after our service design presentations.I will try and keep updated with what is happening at the conference when i am there!



Amazing morning in tv2 studio

March 31, 2009

When the sun was coming up at 5.30 this morning so were the ‘meet the food you eat’ team! After 2 hours sleep we embarked on an adventure to central station, to the TV2 studio. After being greeted by the lovely team, we were introduced to Preben Mejer, founder  of the Innovation Lab. After an initial chat it was soon time to unpack the scale, to see if it had survived the journey!  After overcoming the first problem of the essential power cable being left behind  in the middle of the night, it was time to set up in true TV style…..during the 5 minute commercial break. Adam and myself then had to sit back and wait with our fingers crossed! Luckily everything went perfectly,and the scale performed well! Here are some photos and a video of us watching the scale on TV. Once i get a copy of the live version, i will re post it! I am still on such a high 🙂





Meet the food you eat goes live on TV2!

March 30, 2009

Tomorrow morning Sid, Adam myself will be embarking on an adventure to the TV2 studio in Copenhagen. Innovation Lab’s Founder, Preben Mejer, will be on “Go’ Morgen Danmark” discussing the NEXT conference and exhibition where four of the Pilot Year projects will be shown. Meet the Food you Eat will be featured on the show which will air  between 6.30-9.00 on TV2. So right now we are finishing last minute calibration and wiring changes….it could be a long night. Wish us luck! 🙂


lights, camera, action

March 28, 2009

Today Sid, Adam and I  spent the day filming scenes to create a concept video for our service. I won’t give too much away just now..but our travels took us to the library, Hotel FOX, the laundromat cafe and tomorrow we will be heading to the airport. Once we present the video on tuesday, i will post it here. In the mean time here are some shots of us in action!





Experience Prototyping

March 28, 2009

The last week has been super busy, so i’ve not had time to up date my blog on our progress with our service design project, so i will give a brief overview now of what we have been up to. For the last week we have been conducting experience prototyping, to test out assumptions about our service concept. Some of the questions we wanted to address were:

are hotels willing to implement a book service for their guests?

are hotel guests interested in looking at books they did not bring with them from home?

what  material would be most useful or what type of books would guests like to see available?

what sort/style of hotel would this service suit?

does the library have a problem charging the hotel money for the service? (creating a business model)

After some initial informal visits to a variety of hotels and speaking to their guests, we planned an experience prototype at a boutique hotel in Copenhagen called Hotel FOX. A massive thank you has to be given to them for their cooperation and support they have given us in testing the idea!

To test our service we provided the hotel with a selection of 20 books. These books were focused around danish culture and design, in each book there was a recommendation bookmark that provides the guests with places to visit within Copenhagen, that were related to the book they had chosen. We also prepared welcome packs for the hotels to give out to their guests as they checked in. These packs had a small introduction to the service, a catalog of books they could choose from, an order form to request books and a feedback card so we could find out what they did/didn’t like about the service etc….

dsc03582the super trendy hotel FOX

welcomepack14the selection of books we provided the library with

welcomepack7bookmark with the recommendations for the guests

welcomepack3welcome packs

img_3293welcome pack, with the order and feedback form….

img_3295brochure explaining service and the books available

After dropping all the material off at the hotel, we spent a few hours each day at the hotel, during check-in times to observe the reactions of the guests, how they responded to the service and how the receptionists introduced the service to their customers. So far the receptionists have been great at explaining the service and trying to promote, one guest has even checked out a book on danish architecture! so we are super happy about this! We will leave the books their for a few more days and see if we get any more response!

Bookmarks 16th-23rd March

March 23, 2009

service concept presentation

March 23, 2009

Over the weekend we have been building low fidelity video prototypes to best convey our new service concepts for out Library and tele-medicine projects.  My group choose to use an animated  storyboard with a voice over,  featuring three characters telling their story of using a new service the library is offering to hotels within Copenhagen. Today we spent the day presenting these concepts to the rest of the class, to gain feedback and develop a plan for experience prototyping this week.  Here is our video….

We also have been working in an initial service diagram, which isn’t quite a blueprint yet….but here it is anyway…It will give more explanation to what our idea is about!

Cluster, evaluate, refine, decide, develop!

March 19, 2009

The past two days has been a little bit crazy! After our brainstorming sessions we had 100’s of ideas to sort through, cluster into groups and then try to decided on which ideas to use as inspiration or develop further.  Our sorting process was a combination of setting aside any ideas that we didn’t think would bring value to a visitor to Copenhagen and the library, or any ideas that didn’t make us excited! After our initial first cut we categorized the ideas in clusters such as “user generated content” “services based on personal interest” “out of library services”

brainstormweek15Clustering the ideas into categories

We then used 5 votes each to choose ideas that we would like to work on. Surprisingly all had similar interests in the direction we thought we should take.

brainstormweek12Adam thinking about using his votes!

brainstormweek11Some of our ideas!

After discussing why voted on our specific choices, we chose the three ideas to develop further…..creating a simple user scenario, a persona and looking at the user value and stakeholders involved in the service.  We then presented our ideas to the faculty for discussion. A couple of these were….

1. A service that promotes “wandering” around new cities and serendipitous learning and discovery. Location tracking would be used to inform you of when you were about to walk past something culturally significant in Copenhagen,a and a message sent to your mobile phone/Iphone/Blackberry etc. Further Related Information would then be sent your mobile. For example if you were at the opera house, you might be sent a famous danish opera song, or information on the performances that will be their soon, as well as telling you how to buy tickets for them.


2.”Book your books” In a nut shell a service that allows you to pre-order books from the library to the hotel you are staying in. Meaning you have the ease of traveling lighter and the option to find out more about danish culture by using the resources of the library.


After our group meeting with Simona, Ana Camila and Brian we decided to develop our idea for a library service for hotels further. So today we spent the day developing a service blueprint using a user scenario, thinking about the role of the service provider, the touch points needed, and the backstage operations necessary for the service to work. Tomorrow we will go on to develop further scenarios with different users, and think about the “worst case scenario” situations. Over the weekend we will then develop a further service diagram and a low-res video to show the core of our idea.

brainstormweek4Working out the service touchpoints

brainstormweek3Rough service blueprint starting to take shape

brainstormweek1Part of the user scenario (illustrations by sid)

**photographs on this post were taken by Adam**

Brainstorming workshops…

March 19, 2009

Some more photographs from the workshops we hosted and facilitated…

brainstormweek23Sid facilitating one of the sessions

brainstormweek19A lot of ideas!!

brainstormweek20Marcin thinking hard

brainstormweek211Brainstorming tools!

Brainstorming Festival!

March 17, 2009

For the last two days at CIID we have had a brainstorming extravaganza!!Each group has facilitated three brainstorming sessions around their design challenges they developed last week and attended another 4 sessions! Over the two days we followed the Ideo process for brainstorming, which is strict but super effective. Having this methodical process has definitely paid off in our ideas. Each group produced hundreds of ideas over the two days! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this process, here is an outline……

1. A well framed question to tackle..

The question you want to brainstorm around has be…not too broad and not too narrow. For example

“how might be design a web based social network for German people to meet new friends” is far to narrow, but “how can we use innovation to help teach children” is far too broad.  The opportunity you want to create must be framed correctly to inform and inspire the ideas.

2. A good facilitator

This more challenging than you would think…even though you are not responsible for coming up with the ideas, you have to keep your group focused, motivated and energized…and when the ideas start to fade you have to be quick on your toes to approach your question from a new angle that will start the ideas again. Some of the great tips we were given from Brian were…

  • Ensure ideas are captured and everyone behaves.
  • At this point, we are focusing on IDEA GENERATION, not evaluation. That comes later. Keep the group generative.
  • Make sure everyone gets heard and that everyone is listening, Groups are more powerful because they BUILD on each other’s ideas.
  • Encourage WILD ideas, it’s fun and can trigger great innovations.
  • Try to keep ideas to a SOUND BYTE or a headline, Encourage catchy titles and drawings.
  • Have fun!

3. A set of rules to follow

And finally the Ideo rules to follow, which will help greatly!

  • Defer Judgment, no criticism in anyway, verbally or in body language
  • Encourage Wild ideas, the might inspire more practical ones
  • Build on ideas of others
  • Stay focused on the topic
  • One conversation at a time
  • Be Visual  “Draw a crazy picture, put something silly in the world that ain’t been there before” – Shel Silverstein
  • Go for quantity  “The best way to get a good idea is to get a lot of ideas” -Linus Pauling

So after putting all of this into practice this is what we got…..A lot of ideas, around 300!!!




Tomorrow we will be clustering ideas, refining ideas and deciding which one to develop into a service story before creating a video scenario to show the user experience…which we will present on monday! A busy weekend ahead 🙂