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service concept presentation

March 23, 2009

Over the weekend we have been building low fidelity video prototypes to best convey our new service concepts for out Library and tele-medicine projects.  My group choose to use an animated  storyboard with a voice over,  featuring three characters telling their story of using a new service the library is offering to hotels within Copenhagen. Today we spent the day presenting these concepts to the rest of the class, to gain feedback and develop a plan for experience prototyping this week.  Here is our video….

We also have been working in an initial service diagram, which isn’t quite a blueprint yet….but here it is anyway…It will give more explanation to what our idea is about!

Video Prototyping

October 13, 2008

Today we started our video prototyping classes. The aim of this module is to”impart basic skills in manipulating the medium of video in a fluid and effective way. It also tried to build understanding as to why one should prototype ideas, to what degree and how. The course approaches film making as a sketching method and enables students to build empathetic and functional narrative with video”

The course is made of two parts “video techniques’ and ‘Approaches to prototyping’ Today was spent getting used to the video equipment and editing software. We had a short task to capture motion…out approach was to make a contrast between natural movement and then movement which requires input from people.

The video will come soon when i find some high speed internet 🙂