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Final Project design challenge…..

June 10, 2009

Over the weekend i was working to understand what my insights from the user research i conducted meant and was writing mini design challenges for them in the form of “how might we statements” When i started to map out the insights three recurring themes emerged. These were issues that people had in their life and would like to have better control over to feel more balanced. The themes were communication with family and friends, cooking and eating habits and personal prioritisation.



102_0349Out of these emerging themes i decided to focus on personal prioritisation. This was due to a number of reasons….firstly i think it is the most challenge and exciting area to focus on, as well as being the area with the biggest potential to apply personal informatics to the design solution.

Some of the key insights within this theme were:

“I transfer work trips to our calendar at home, but only a few weeks before, mainly so Mas [husband] can’t see what’s ahead of him!”
People only really use a ‘public’ calendar for really important events that are necessary to share.

“I don’t currently write in a diary as I imagine someone reading it, so I won’t put anything personal in it…….I like the approach of this diary, I actually find that I want to be more productive just so u can write something positive in it, kind of indirect motivation”
Having to actively record you activities allows you to reflect and become motivated to do well.

“I would love to be able to schedule time for reading…….but it sounds kind of dorky….so I would love to be able to track some of these things I would like to be able to do without having to actually track it”
People feel silly scheduling ‘me time’ but are interested to understand what they spend their time on and when.

“I keep a personal to-do list, I prioritise everything, so when I have been neglecting something I move it up the list, I keep it on my desktop so I can always see it”
People need to have a constant reminder of what it important to do otherwise they will ignore it.

“Hobbies are great when they are built into your life, I love it, but when you don’t do it for a while you forget how much you enjoy it until you do it again”
People easily forget how important something is and how much they enjoy it when they stop doing it.

“Prioritizing is difficult, it would be good to have ground rules, or a rule of thumb to follow”
People like to be guided in some when it comes to making personal decisions.

And the design challenge i came up with was………

Due to an increased pace of life and personal competition with ones self to become ‘someone better’ people are continually busy, going from one task to the next. This has been heightened by a more prominent use of technology in our lives, which has resulted in lifestyle barriers that used to exist been broken; people can now work anywhere, contact anyone at a given time and achieve much more on the move. The result of having this fast pace of life is that people become absorbed in ‘achieving more’ and detached from what their day-to-day life looks like and what brings them a real sense of enjoyment.  Within their busy lives people find it hard to prioritize when making decisions in their own life and would often like to be guided in some way.  Some people use diaries and calendars to schedule (make time for) ‘practical appointments’ but very rarely for personal activities, yet they are interested to understand what they spend their time
on, especially for things they enjoy doing, but rarely have time to do. In order for people to have a balanced life on a bigger scale they have to first reconnect to themselves, focusing on what they need to be content rather than everything that is possible.

How might we create a flexible and customizable platform that will help people to reconnect to themselves, enabling them to prioritize in their lives by keeping track of and reminding them
of past experiences that they can then use as a reference point to make decisions?

I’ll post the full deliverable from yesterday as well to summarise what i have been doing for the past few weeks.


“Copenhagen Survival project”

September 17, 2008

Today we got set a fantastic 2 day group project! The brief was to design a product and or an experience that would help someone survive living in Copenhagen. However it didn’t neccessarily have to be for someone new to the city. After hearing the experiences from a diverse group of people we were really able to analysis the insights we took from it and come up with an idea….I don’t want to post it now as the crit is tomorrow, but here is a sneak preview…..