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January 7, 2009

Over the past few days we have been collecting examples of work we like and can take inspiration from…

A great presentation giving examples on ubiquitous technology and personal informatics.

0aabypullg“Ticker Tape is an internet radio for people who suffer from Euphobia, “a persistent, abnormal and unwanted fear of hearing good news.  Using RSS feeds, Ticker Tape scans for light-hearted news stories from around the world broadcasting them to the listener” Via Design Corner


5f_somo2_hands_lores“Social Mobiles is an exploration into mobile phone behavior. Rather than create a set of phones that addressed aesthetic concerns of mobile phones, designer and artist Crispin Jones worked as a research associate with IDEO to create five working mobile telephones that in different ways modify their users’ behavior to make it less disruptive. The intent is to provoke discussion about the social impact of mobile phones” Via Ideo

barometer“The Local Barometer seeks to provide people with a sense of the sociocultural texture around their homes. Information is culled from the web depending on the local wind direction and speed, so that want-ads, news items, or images seem to waft through the home, displayed on purpose-designed small-screen displays designed to appear as a new sort of appliance for the home” Via Goldsmiths

key_table“The Key Table gets a sense of people’s emotions from the way they dump their stuff onto it. Much as slamming doors is a crude measure of mental state, so the table uses the transient onset of a new weight to gauge mood. Reactions to emotional entrances are triggered as mechanised frames swing pictures off-center to warn other inhabitants to tread carefully” via Equator website

image06“large scale visualisation of the energy used in Helsinki, Finland, by projecting a laserbeam on the exhaust of a power station” Via

Also a great quote to by Alexander Manu’s ToolToys:

“The… urge to handle goods is an important learning experience. As in play, tactile
feedback increases the impact of the learning”