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networking the everyday….initial proposal

January 7, 2009


For the last few days i have been working on our new project for our tangible user interface course, after a day of research and discussing areas of interest ranging from bringing physical qualities back into digital media to encouraging social interaction between strangers, we came up with our initial statement of intent:

” Given a world in which everyday objects are networked through an internet of things and pervasive computing helps augment our lives, how can this technology help us gain insights about our daily routines? How can these insights be delivered in an emotional way that encourage us to reflect on the way we lead our lives and the affect it has on others in our society”

Obviously this is still a very open proposal, but as we develop our ideas and thinking this will become more refined and appear more as a tight design brief.

Our thinking behind our proposal is that we believe one of the greatest values of this new technology is the ease in which it can provide information about specific products and help us gain new perspective on our daily actions.  We feel if we could motivate people to take make these small changes to their lifestyle, the collaboration could have a greater affect on our society.