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Final Project Report

September 20, 2009

Eventually I have finished my final project report for my solo project at CIID. It contains most of my process and explorations!

Get Inspired at Designit

September 17, 2009


The past two days for me have been incredible!…I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to present my final project from CIID to DesignIt, in Copenhagen and in Arhus at one of their internal “Get Inspired Sessions” It was a priviledge for me to present to them, to gain their feedback on my idea and process and generally to talk to all the lovely people that work there!

I first came across DesignIt about 5 months ago while studying at CIID. They are a strategic design consultancy that has a studio in Copenhagen, Arhus as well as other parts of Europe and Asia. When I came across the company I was super excited and inspired by the diversity of work they cover, the industries they work in and their approaches and methodologies towards the projects they work on. So as you can imagine my eyes lit up when I found out that Mikal Hallstrup, the Chief Visionary Ofiicer and Co-Founder of the company was going to be one of our external examiers for our final project exam at CIID! Meeting Mikal and the rest of the team was a great opportunity to learn more about what the company does and see how elements of our thinking and practice at CIID overlap with the processes they use at DesignIt.

So thank you guys for this super opportunity, it is greatly appreciated!

……they also have a great blog and monthly news post called thinkaboutit, which I highly recommend you subscribe to!

CIID Final Project: Echo

September 10, 2009

Picture 10

Echo, is my final year project at CIID. I have now updated my portfolio and you can see my final designs, videos and get an insight into my process for my final project. A massive thank you to everyone that helped me along the way, especially to my adviser Heather Martin. It was a great 3 months!

View Project here.

Initial Blueprint

July 11, 2009

This week it has been back to final project work after our amazing industry visits (documentation coming soon) I have been reviewing my feedback from my midway review and making an initial service blueprint. This has allowed me to focus and establish the key user interactions, the role of the service provider and the touch points of the service that need to be designed for my experience prototyping and my end communication. I have also come up  with a name for the service and started working on the branding. Currently i am working on designing some of the touch points needed for experience prototyping next week, so when i have finished then i will also reveal the name!

102_0985brainstorming service name

102_0969initial service blueprint

June 3, 2009

Picture 6

For the past few weeks i have been trying to finish off my new portfolio website with the aim to start applying for internships and jobs for after CIID! i still have a few tweaks to make, but if you have any advice or feedback please let me know! You can see it here.

Service Design interview with Jeff Howard

May 6, 2009


During the Easter holidays  Interaction Designer Jeff Howard interviewed me on our past Service Design course at CIID, taught by Simona maschi and Brian Rink.  For me this was really exciting as the Design for Service website that Jeff writes for has been a great reference for me while i have been exploring the world of service design! The interview got published here today.

Another great video by thinkpublic…

May 5, 2009

Earlier in the year i posted a lovely video that thinkpublic had made to explain what “co-design” was they have now just made another film showing what they do as a company. Its informative, fun and beautifully filmed and edited. Great inspiration!

Public sector innovation

April 16, 2009

A great project video! a result of a joint project with IDEO, Forum for the Future  and Local Governments in the UK.  Via Choosenick

“travel global ¦ read local” final presentation

April 7, 2009

“travel global ¦ read local” is a service concept that Adam, Sid and myself developed during our 5 week service design course. During this time we explored how we could design new experiences for the Danish Public Libraries. After conducting research we decided to focus on designing for visitors and tourists to Copenhagen. We thought this was a challenging and exciting opportunity as currently the only people that can use all of the great resources that the libraries provide are people registered as living in Denamrk, who have a social security Number. So after our research phase of our project we set ourself this design challenge:

“Foreign visitors and new residents are interested in local knowledge and Danish Culture that matches their own interests and tastes. The library is seen as a trustworthy source of information, and for the the new foreigners that visit the library it makes them feel part of a local community. But for the most foreign visitors, the library plays no role in exploring Dnemark.

How can the library bring its services to foreign visitors and guests so they have access to Danish Knowledge and Culture that is both personalised and trustworthy? “

Throughout the project we used a number of tools to gain insight and to develop our ideas ranging from inital interviews, voxpop’s, experience prototyping, persona’s and experience prototyping. The presentation below shows what we presented along with our final video on Friday.  The Presentation is a combination of using the key elements of our process that led us to our final concept along with tell as story about our experience as well.

Below is our final video for our concept video. It is filmed in a documentary style, to try and capture all sides of the service.

If more information on the project look here.

Service design begins….

March 2, 2009


Although we have done design projects at CIID that have ended up as services , today started the beginning of our official 5 week service design block taught by our course director Simona and Brian Rink (Ideo) Today we spent the day in a seminar at Copenhagen Central Library to here about how the danish public library service works and some of the problems that they are trying to address right now. What amazed me instantly was how successful their service already seemed to be, yet they were striving to make it better with a big focus on the user needs, user involvement & participation and nation and international co-operation.  One of the issues that was mentioned several times today was “how do you combine the physical and digital elements of a library” but at the same time keep the core ideal that a library should create a meeting place for neighborhoods, facilitate “community” spirit,learning, studying and reading. An interesting idea to sleep on!

All and all it was a really interesting and insightful day. Tomorrow we will be hearing from someone from tele-medicine…which to be honest i’m not sure what exactly this is, but i guess i shall find out! We will then need to decided between the two topics to focus our projects on.