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May 7, 2009

For the past few days i have been working away designing tools for my research sessions i have also been planning. So far i have 7 sessions in place, and three remote Skype interviews planned. For the research sessions i have designed the tools to help facilitate the session and provoke conversation. I also have a set of questions on more specific areas. From my research my main objective is to understand what it means to have a balanced life at different stages of their lives? What are people’s priorities and how do they juggle them. I am also very interested in gaining a better understanding of those things that give people a”feel good factor” and provide meaning to them, but they just don’t seem to have the time to fit it in their lives.

For my research i am splitting into three target user groups, these are students, couples that work and families. In my mind these are three important transitions in your life, so it will be interesting to see how people’s priorities change within the different user groups. I am also interviewing a few extreme users, such as people that are traveling a lot because of their work and people that have a medical condition they always have to monitor.  This afternoon i also did a test run of one of my research sessions with a class mate for a little practice!


Card sorting activity, where people choose from a list of things they do either on a daily, weekly or random basis. This is a warm up activity that will hopefully start to get people thinking about what they do prioritize in daily life.


I have also designed a mapping tool to get people to them think about more specific priorities to them , what really brings them meaning in life, and makes them feel comfortable. I have also left a place to add reasons for picking them, and any tools they use to help acheive them.

…..and if people are willing i will give them a diary to keep for a few days to gain insight into their routines, sleeping, eating habits etc.


Wish me good luck tonight!