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150 days of learning at CIID

February 12, 2009

Today and tomorrow¬† midway reviews for the CIID pilot year are happening! and it just so happened that it has been 150 days to the day since we started at CIID! The key aim for our individual presentations was to reflect on our learning curve on the pilot year……our presentations were designed in such a way that we hoped to raise questions and discussion with our examiners who were Simona Maschi CIID founder, course director, and all round super star! Joachim Sauter founder of art+com , Martin Frey an interaction designer at Ideo (Munich) and David Mellis (CIID)

The day was filled with reflection, learning and feedback. It was great to hear an objective view on our work and our approach from our external examiners (Joachim and Martin) and i especially enjoyed listening to everyone else’s presentation, to hear what have been their high points, low points and key learnings for them on their personal CIID journey. This is what i presented, plus a few video’s to help tell my story (previously posted specific to projects)


Reflection so far….

January 11, 2009

s7005979Adam deep in thought

Last week was really fantastic, but also very challenging at the same time. The brief has been left very open for us to be able to focus on personal areas of interest, but this also demands us to think carefully about our conceptual design approach and decision making. I feel these challenges have really motivated me to be as open minded as possible to a different approach in working and is pushing me to get as much as possible out of these four weeks! So far my team mates Adam and Sid have been great to work with, and a real motivation and inspiration for me!

As a group we are trying to design A TUI for networked objects…to allow the user to see the impact of the food they are buying is having on the environment. Our initial idea was to give the user an overall (good/bad) rating of how their purchases are having an impact on the environment by using the metaphor of a scale. and weighing your weight in “Food Miles” The technology used for this is based on the idea that in the future, everything will be tagged and have a database of information about that product.

We want to pursue the idea of Personal Informatics and how these can provide people with meaningful and relevant data to help make more sustainable and socially responsible decisions.

After a Feedback session on Thursday with Heather, Christopher and Durrell Bishop our approach has changed slightly. We were given positive feedback on our context and approach towards social and sustainable responsibility, but we were advised to provide a deeper and more meaningful experience for the user, so it becomes more of an exploratory and useful tool for the user to see the differences in their purchases and understand how they can change their daily routines if they wish to do so!

And now comes the challenging part designing networked objects with a TUI to do so!!

This week we will be focusing on making rapid prototypes to develop our idea further and to do user testing . Building prototypes is something that has really benefited previous product design projects i have worked on especially when it comes to engaging with the user and getting feedback, so i am pretty excited about this week!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!