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GUI applications for the elderly

November 18, 2008

Yesterday at CIID we started our new GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) block. During the next two weeks the main foucs will be a hands on approach through a user centered development process for a GUI concept. The course is being taught by Alex Wiethoff (CIID) and Neils Clausen-Stuck. Neils worked as a senior interaction designer at IDEO for 7 years up intill joining Kontrapunkt in 2008.

The course will be broken into two, with Half being a series of short exercises and lectures that will look into key aspects, contexts, history, applications and limiting factors that influence the design of GUI and the other half will be developing a concept with an application specific GUI that offers value in the elderly care space. The ideas that we develop will be based on the insights we gained last week whilst doing user research in elderly homes around Copenhagen.

Why are we designing for elderly care?

“Creating a concept with an application specific GUI for an elderlycare context with multiple user groups (patients, doctors, nurses, visitors) with their respective information needs represents an interesting basis for the students to create highly tailored and relevant interfaces for a demanding target group.  The students will have to develop, design, prototype tools and experiences that have impact and show empathy towards the different user groups needs and contexts” Course Syllabus

Yesterday we kicked of this GUI block with a very informative lecture of the history of GUI. One area that really stood out for me were the core aspects to consider when you want to create a GUI that will provide value to the end user,  these were….

Accessibility and Usability


Visual design

The learning Curve for the user

The Interaction paradigm, the metaphor that will create the mental model

Brilliant points to always remember!

After a little history we were given an overview of typology of GUIs, i especially loved this example..

Over the course of yesterday afternoon and today we have gone back to our user insights from last week and found the real opportunity areas, created brainstorming topics in the form of “how might we” statements, (“how might we support the staff to help them create the best possible care experience”) had several huge brainstorming sessions, and have now decided on 10 ideas to develop further…..and of course we could not have done it without the trusty post-its!


voting for our opportunity areas


our “how might we” statements


brainstorming, brainstorming, brainstorming


10 ideas to develop

For the next two days we will be developing and prototyping our initial ideas and then on Friday we will take them back to the elderly homes to gain feedback from the residents and staff for further development!