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IDEO considers the future of News

June 3, 2009

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This evening i came across this really nice article on the IDEO website.  A team of people working in IDEO Palo Alto took on the challenge of predicting how we’ll get news in the future. How will we experience the news when new technological devices and services replace newsprint, or even websites, as the method of delivery? For three weeks IDEO along with San Francisco magazine developed future scenarios and sketched out a simulation of the news environment of the future. I think they are really beautiful!

“The once profitable news industry is teetering on the brink. The recession has battered advertising. Dailies are folding. Printing the New York Times for a year costs twice as much as sending every subscriber a free Kindle. The Daily Show is a more trusted source than network news. And consumers have been marginalized in media dialogue about how to save journalism.

Yet how we define and experience news can—and should—change for the better, if we ground ourselves in what people really need and want. The next four pages showcase two environments that put the future of news in the context of our daily lives. In these scenarios, we see that information has become even more personalized and hyperlocal—and, paradoxically, more communal, participatory, and global. Journalism is more like having a conversation. People speak with unique voices, take ownership of content, and establish credibility, which in turn enables strong communities in which news can thrive. Anything that’s notable to a person in a particular moment and place becomes newsworthy”

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View full PDF via IDEO website.