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Perfect music for a perfect trip

March 1, 2009

I have just come across a new service via springwise called Amplified Journey’s. This services combines a classic journey planner with an extra function to generate the perfect playlist for your journey!



You very simply start by entering the start point and destination for your trip, then you can add an artist or  musical genre you would like the music to be based on. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait! Amplified Journeys then puts together your driving directions and produces an accompanying playlist including tracks inspired by landmarks and artists from points along the way. Once the playlist is generated you can edit it if you wish, and then it can be exported to iTunes!

Personally i think good music is essential for a good road trip especially when traveling with friends! This service may not give you the exact songs you would personally choose, but i like the idea that it chooses songs inspired by your travel route and you never know you might just find a new favourite song……plus it takes away the mundane task of making 10 hours of playlists before you leave!

The interface for it is also very simple and easy to use!

Amplified Journeys is now in beta 1.0 and free to use.


Saab Radio

December 12, 2008

Via Baekdal

saabclock11This is a really cool design by Sang Hoon Lee . He has created this little thing……. an FM radio built into a  little wood car. When you drive forward you turn up the music and and turn it down again by going in reverse. Lovely design!