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post NEXT excitment

April 22, 2009

Now we are back at CIID after the easter holidays Mimi has put together  great video from the NEXT conference in Arhus where some of us were exhibiting our TUI projects just before the holidays. Thanks Mimi, great job! 🙂



April 7, 2009

At the end of last week and over the weekend, four groups from CIID travelled to Arhus to exhibit at the NEXT conference organised by the Innovation lab. Over the few days we showed our projects from the four week TUI course we had done earlier in the year with Heather Martin…and i am so happy to say that the meet the food you eat scale behaved very well and didn’y have to be fixed once! Here is some footage of it in action and some other cool projects that were at the exhibition!

little boy playing with the meet the food you eat scale!

a plant that coughs when people smoke near it, made by Kitchen Budapest

cool boxing game developed by the distance lab

a rotating persistence-of-vision display that creates glowing 3D images, by Nick Sears

tv, take 2

April 2, 2009

Today the meet the food you eat scale was back on TV. Preben Meyer founder of the Innovation Lab was on another talk show for TV2 (Denmark) this afternoon, and requested to have the scale with him again… but this time live from Aarhus. Sid went with the scale to check out the action!

NEXT here we come!

March 31, 2009

After a busy few days we are all ready and packed for the NEXT exhibition this week[end]. Sid is heading off tomorrow to Aarhus, and Adam and myself will join him on friday after our service design presentations.I will try and keep updated with what is happening at the conference when i am there!



Amazing morning in tv2 studio

March 31, 2009

When the sun was coming up at 5.30 this morning so were the ‘meet the food you eat’ team! After 2 hours sleep we embarked on an adventure to central station, to the TV2 studio. After being greeted by the lovely team, we were introduced to Preben Mejer, founder  of the Innovation Lab. After an initial chat it was soon time to unpack the scale, to see if it had survived the journey!  After overcoming the first problem of the essential power cable being left behind  in the middle of the night, it was time to set up in true TV style…..during the 5 minute commercial break. Adam and myself then had to sit back and wait with our fingers crossed! Luckily everything went perfectly,and the scale performed well! Here are some photos and a video of us watching the scale on TV. Once i get a copy of the live version, i will re post it! I am still on such a high 🙂





Meet the food you eat at NEXT

March 4, 2009


We got some Super exciting news today that Adam, Sid and I are getting to exhibit meet the food you eat at the NEXT exhibition in April organised by the innovation lab. Now we just need to get our prototype stable enough to last 5 days 🙂

Along with us Bunny Bot, CALEN3DAR and compound eye will also be exhibiting.