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Using design thinking to revitalize school lesson plans

June 23, 2009

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A few weeks ago i came across a really nice project that IDEO did with non profit organization RAFT (Resource Area For Teaching) in San Hose, California.

Raft “delivers ‘classroom magic’ by providing teachers with ideas for creative experiments and hands-on activities and the donated materials to build them—from cardboard tubes to rubber washers to film canisters. The materials come from hundreds of local businesses, diverting more than 10,000 cubic feet of reusable items away from city landfills monthly.

Sharing a belief in the value of hands-on education, IDEO and RAFT collaborated on several strategic and tactical projects, including a visioning session and a transformation workshop, in addition to ongoing brainstorming and prototyping sessions for turning donated materials into classroom activities aligned to the California State teaching standards” Via

To read the full case study see here.

IDEO considers the future of News

June 3, 2009

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This evening i came across this really nice article on the IDEO website.  A team of people working in IDEO Palo Alto took on the challenge of predicting how we’ll get news in the future. How will we experience the news when new technological devices and services replace newsprint, or even websites, as the method of delivery? For three weeks IDEO along with San Francisco magazine developed future scenarios and sketched out a simulation of the news environment of the future. I think they are really beautiful!

“The once profitable news industry is teetering on the brink. The recession has battered advertising. Dailies are folding. Printing the New York Times for a year costs twice as much as sending every subscriber a free Kindle. The Daily Show is a more trusted source than network news. And consumers have been marginalized in media dialogue about how to save journalism.

Yet how we define and experience news can—and should—change for the better, if we ground ourselves in what people really need and want. The next four pages showcase two environments that put the future of news in the context of our daily lives. In these scenarios, we see that information has become even more personalized and hyperlocal—and, paradoxically, more communal, participatory, and global. Journalism is more like having a conversation. People speak with unique voices, take ownership of content, and establish credibility, which in turn enables strong communities in which news can thrive. Anything that’s notable to a person in a particular moment and place becomes newsworthy”

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View full PDF via IDEO website.

Public sector innovation

April 16, 2009

A great project video! a result of a joint project with IDEO, Forum for the Future  and Local Governments in the UK.  Via Choosenick

Brainstorming Festival!

March 17, 2009

For the last two days at CIID we have had a brainstorming extravaganza!!Each group has facilitated three brainstorming sessions around their design challenges they developed last week and attended another 4 sessions! Over the two days we followed the Ideo process for brainstorming, which is strict but super effective. Having this methodical process has definitely paid off in our ideas. Each group produced hundreds of ideas over the two days! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this process, here is an outline……

1. A well framed question to tackle..

The question you want to brainstorm around has be…not too broad and not too narrow. For example

“how might be design a web based social network for German people to meet new friends” is far to narrow, but “how can we use innovation to help teach children” is far too broad.  The opportunity you want to create must be framed correctly to inform and inspire the ideas.

2. A good facilitator

This more challenging than you would think…even though you are not responsible for coming up with the ideas, you have to keep your group focused, motivated and energized…and when the ideas start to fade you have to be quick on your toes to approach your question from a new angle that will start the ideas again. Some of the great tips we were given from Brian were…

  • Ensure ideas are captured and everyone behaves.
  • At this point, we are focusing on IDEA GENERATION, not evaluation. That comes later. Keep the group generative.
  • Make sure everyone gets heard and that everyone is listening, Groups are more powerful because they BUILD on each other’s ideas.
  • Encourage WILD ideas, it’s fun and can trigger great innovations.
  • Try to keep ideas to a SOUND BYTE or a headline, Encourage catchy titles and drawings.
  • Have fun!

3. A set of rules to follow

And finally the Ideo rules to follow, which will help greatly!

  • Defer Judgment, no criticism in anyway, verbally or in body language
  • Encourage Wild ideas, the might inspire more practical ones
  • Build on ideas of others
  • Stay focused on the topic
  • One conversation at a time
  • Be Visual  “Draw a crazy picture, put something silly in the world that ain’t been there before” – Shel Silverstein
  • Go for quantity  “The best way to get a good idea is to get a lot of ideas” -Linus Pauling

So after putting all of this into practice this is what we got…..A lot of ideas, around 300!!!




Tomorrow we will be clustering ideas, refining ideas and deciding which one to develop into a service story before creating a video scenario to show the user experience…which we will present on monday! A busy weekend ahead 🙂

Ideo “design for social impact”

November 23, 2008


A really interesting project by Ideo for the Rockefeller Foundation

check it out!