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The first tiny step….

February 7, 2009

Yesterday we had to write our first statement of intent for out thesis project. Over the course of the week we have had previous interaction design students for IDII (interaction design institute ivrea) presenting their work. This has been inspiring and great to get tips of what works well and what not to do! As we only have fourth months to do our thesis everyone is feeling a little nervous, but also excited to dive into something new! At this stage our statements are still relatively open (well mine is anyway!) at we now have 3 months of industry projects and service design to continue our thinking and refine our research question. This is my initial attempt at it!

I want my thesis to …
As someone who is still in the early stages of their career I see my thesis as my golden ticket to learn who I am as a designer and to prepare myself for my future after CIID. It is an opportunity to explore a new user group and context that will really challenge me intellectually and emotionally as a designer.  I want my thesis to allow me to use my natural strengths of product design, service design, user engagement and prototyping, but also allow room for me to keep building on the technical skills that I have been gradually developing.

It is also hugely important to me that I give back to CIID and that my work will promote the correct ethos of the course. I feel extremely lucky to be part of the pilot year so naturally I want to do anything I can to help it succeed in the future!

I’m interested in and inspired by…
I am motivated by the need to help people, bringing enjoyment to everyday experiences, even seeing someone smile. I strive to create solutions that will play an important and meaningful role in someone’s life.

An area that I am fascinated by and see being an underlying issue throughout my project is…How do you enable people to reflect their identify and express themselves through the use of a service like they can by owning a tangible products?  How do you build a community around the people using a service and inspire others to be part of it. Essentially how do you create service envy?

(Below  are Specific context areas I am interested in are)

Personal Informatics: If people could access person information about their daily actions, and activities could it help them gain new perspective on the way they live. How can this practical information be communicated on an emotional level that would encourage people to change the way they live and the affect it has on society?

Elderly People:
Our population is ageing, yet elderly people are still living in isolation. I am interested in how do you reconnect elderly people with their family and the community, help them make and maintain friends. How do you break the communication barrier between elderly people and younger generations and let them have “ageless” conversations rather than the typical “back in my day…”

Life Work Balance:
When you are a workaholic who is in love with the work you do/your job (like me!) is there a danger of it affecting other areas of your life. How do you maintain a good life-work balance?

How can interaction design help children to learn through play, tangible storytelling and creativity? How can we captivate their imagination to teach them about important social and environmental issues surrounding our society, as they are a generation that will have potential to make a difference?

User groups I’m interested in:
Nurses, Elderly people (living on the own), grandparents, children in early stages of learning to read and write, primary school teachers, health conscious adults, Single Parents, diabetes sufferers, snowboarders.

My main confusion is now what direction to take, do I start with a user group, a problem area or a context. Decision-making is not one of my strengths!

During my thesis I would like to challenge myself in…
I want to challenge my design thinking, to a deeper and more emotional level. I want to continue my learning on the correct use of metaphors, affordances and appropriate use of technology that is friendly and makes sense to non-expert users.  I will push myself to gain a more practical knowledge of electronics and programming. Where it is possible I will leave my comfort zone If it will have a positive effect on my learning and project experience.

picture-11Diagram showing skills/tools/knowledge that are in my comfort zone and outwith it.

Thesis Week!

February 2, 2009


Today we started our first steps towards out thesis. The day involved brainstorming areas of interest, personal and design related and thinkng about what impact we want out thesis to have in our lives. We also did a great exercise of hearing what everyone else in the class thinks we should do!