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Experience Prototype #2

July 29, 2009

Over the weekend i conducted another simple experience prototype. This time is was with Mimi from my class. During this experiment i wanted to question what motivates people to stick to a program and how do people react when they are rewarded for it. During this experiment, like the previous one i got Mimi to track certain tasks she wanted to complete, and alert the service (me!) when she had done so through either an SMS or by leaving a physical note on my desk. When Mimi was doing well i would give her rewards in different ways…These included:

1. an email with a reward voucher attached that she had to print out and bring to me to then exchange it for a gift

2. a surprise gift and note  left on her desk one morning

3. simple “well done” messages to her mobile phone

The video below shows the documentation of the experiment. After it was over i interviewed Mimi to get feedback, some of my  key learning’s are below 🙂

-receiving the welcome pack felt like you were getting a gift

-The system has to  be flexible enough to deal with changes in people’s schedules and priorities that will occur

-When a gift was a complete surprise, it was better than knowing you were about to receive something in advance

-Big rewards were not expected as part of the service, but it was nice when the little surprises were personal and tailored to the individual as it makes you feel like the service knows you

-It would be nice to share  the experience with a friend(s) and get motivation and advice from them, it would also allow you to share your day to day life with people you don’t have the opportunity to see on a day to day basis


Experience Prototyping

July 16, 2009

On Monday and Tuesday of this week i conducted a quick experience prototype to test of few questions i had about my idea. From my prototyping i wanted to learn:

How much effort is it to log your daily activities and goals you want to achieve? and do you gain something from doing so?

What is it like to have to quantify your happiness after doing certain tasks, and what is the the most natural way to do it?

What is it like to receive friendly nudges of encouragement and motivation? Do they work or does it just become irritating receiving them?

During the experiment i asked Sarah to track specific tasks she wanted to achieve by sending an SMS to the service (my mobile phone) when she had completed it. At this point she also had to quantify her happiness and satisfaction, by using a set of cards i had given her which asked her to illustrate how she was feeling in a variety of ways i.e with words, colour, icons. While all this was going on the service was also sending her prompts and motivation via SMS to encourage her to complete her goals!

The video below shows the documentation of the experiment. After it was complete i spent time interviewing Sarah who had taken part in it, the notes below show some of my key findings.

-Receiving messages and reminders worked as a good support line

-by recoding what she was doing, it brought things to her focus, she started to realise why she was or wasn’t doing something

-She liked that the service was personal, so she felt more commitment towards it and responsibility for her actions, as it was something that was helping her

-The easiest was to quantify how she was feeling was with with a number or slider, or sometimes using words to describe it.

-Seeing what you have achieved it very motivating, and remembering how good you felt when you did it is encouraging to do it again

-knowing it was a person on the end of the phone and not automated made her feel more motivated and responsible. So how can the service be personal to each user and seem like a buddy or friend.

Initial Blueprint

July 11, 2009

This week it has been back to final project work after our amazing industry visits (documentation coming soon) I have been reviewing my feedback from my midway review and making an initial service blueprint. This has allowed me to focus and establish the key user interactions, the role of the service provider and the touch points of the service that need to be designed for my experience prototyping and my end communication. I have also come up  with a name for the service and started working on the branding. Currently i am working on designing some of the touch points needed for experience prototyping next week, so when i have finished then i will also reveal the name!

102_0985brainstorming service name

102_0969initial service blueprint

quick experience prototyping presentation

April 1, 2009

An overview of our experience prototyping… will probably appear in our final presentation again!

service concept presentation

March 23, 2009

Over the weekend we have been building low fidelity video prototypes to best convey our new service concepts for out Library and tele-medicine projects.  My group choose to use an animated  storyboard with a voice over,  featuring three characters telling their story of using a new service the library is offering to hotels within Copenhagen. Today we spent the day presenting these concepts to the rest of the class, to gain feedback and develop a plan for experience prototyping this week.  Here is our video….

We also have been working in an initial service diagram, which isn’t quite a blueprint yet….but here it is anyway…It will give more explanation to what our idea is about!

The end of of the begining!

September 20, 2008

Week one of the CIID pilot year is over, and it was brilliant! i am even more excited now than i was on Monday. Yesterday we all presented our ideas for a survival product/experience for coming to Copenhagen. The ideas ranged from a question and answer video booth to the “Aesthetic Integration Mirror” Our idea was a concept called the Copenhagen cube. After hearing personal experiences and stories from a panel we decided our target user groups would be; People who had just arrived in the city to live there and wanted to meet new people and explore the city, but without having their head stuck in a map. The second user group was for people that had been living there a while and felt they wanted to be reacquainted with the city and everything it has to offer. Our idea was a simple game, that you rolled like a dice and then received a challenge depending which way it landed. Each challenge card would also have extra info about the activity you would be doing!

The Product:

Experience Prototype:

Challenge-Go to a traditional danish sausage stand and buy a hotdog. Ask for it in danish and eat it at the stand as it is a good place to meet people…….

After the presentation we all celebrated our first week being a great success due to all the hard work from the CIID staff. Thank you!