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Exhibition time!

October 13, 2008

To finish off our two week computational media design block, we had an exhibition on Friday to display all our hard work! The exhibition consisted of posters that were the output of visualizing data that was recorded with a Wii-mote and interactive programs that were controlled with a Wii-mote.

My final outcome  was a project that explored the differences in hand and arm movements between
boys and girls as they write. Using a Wii-mote a boy and a girl wrote ABC on an imaginary blackboard.

This data was translated in to visuals using Processing. These visuals were put into flip-books, showing the flow and change in movement.  By using a flip book you were keeping the animation and change that you saw on the screen but making it into something more tangible that you could interact with.


Here are some more photographs from the exhibition set-up and event (photo’s are by the wonderful tobias and Ujjval)

computers ready to go!

A quick nap before the guests arrive!

Information signage

The posters

Interactive projects

People as computers

During the exhibition