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Product Design 05

June 3, 2009

Picture 7

Its been two years since i graduated from studying product design and the time has flown by! Last night i was looking at this years product design degree show website at Dundee and i was super impressed. The course is only five years old but i am amazed how much it has matured even since i graduated. This years projects are a mix of interaction design, design around sustainability, service design and more classic industrial design as well. Once thing i love about all the ideas and the philosophy of the course is that it is not about presenting ideas of what a product might be, or building a technical prototype of how a product might work its about using the skills to respond to people’s needs and design products that are thoughtful, well crafted and are fully working to provide the user experience that the end product would. This year they have done a great job at using new technology in a very  playful and subtle way. I think all of the projects are really great but one that caught my  eye is the doorbell project by Mike Skene.

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“Taking initial inspiration from percussion, the action of striking of one body against another and a persons ability to interact with their surroundings through their sense of touch, “Doorbell” is an original take on a well known device providing a unique, evocative user experience that is sure to bring a smile to your face when heard for the first time.

Made up of 13 hand tuned aluminum chimes housed in a sycamore frame, the Doorbells contemporary design and appealing sound is a welcome change to the standard functions of a doorbell

Using an application such as iTunes users can even download new ring tones in seconds straight to their Doorbell. As well as this the chimes themselves are interchangeable and can be ordered both individually or in octave sets”

Picture 9

Picture 8Working prototypes

You can view more of Mikes process on his blog and the rest of the projects here.