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Interaction as a Material

November 6, 2008

A few weeks ago Dan Saffer from Kicker Studio came to talk to use at CIID about Interactive Gestures. In this presentation he talks about ‘Interaction as  A Material’ The presentation was used at the 2008 Event Design Summit in Hollywood.

Tap is the New Click

October 20, 2008

Last Wednesday we were lucky enough to have Dan Saffer giving us a lecture on Interactive Gestures. I’m sure most of you already know but if not Interactive gestures are what happens when you use products like the iphone, Nintendo Wii, touch screen interfaces and the Dyson “air blade” hand dryers. Interactive gesture s are normally implemented by using sensors.

During the lecture Dan gave an over view of a number of areas, including the history of  interactive gestures,prototyping them, communicating them, different types of interactive gestures and how to apply and implement them in meaningful ways. One area i found particularly interesting that he discussed was designing for the human body, this is extremely important when it comes to using sensors within experiences, areas such as physiology must be considered. When designing interactive gestures a lot of the user involvement and experience requires and comes from using your hands, therefor it is critical that a number of factors are taken into consideration some are a little more obvious than others!

  • You must design for the size of the finger pad (10-14mm) as this does the majority of the work
  • Wrist support, especially if the interaction will require a longer period of time
  • Left handed-ness
  • Accessibility to touch point areas
  • People who may be wearing gloves
  • women with fake nails!
  • finger prints and oil
  • inaccuracy (when using hands)

These were just a few points mentioned…..some are very small, but i feel very important factors that come into play when designing an interactive touch screen experience. Just fascinating!

“the  complexity of the gestures should match the complexity of the task in hand” a brilliant quote!