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Ezio Manzini@CIID

March 8, 2009


On thursday we received an inspiring lecture at CIID from Ezio Manzini talking about the future of our economy. Here are some notes…hopefully i might be able to make it a little more coherent and readable if i get some time this week!

  • Things are changing, we are living in a time where we have a crisis on our hands. It is not going to pass, things are going to change, and we cannot predict the future. Therefor we need to understand how we can behave, and understand as designers how we can help and contribute. “THE FUTURE IS NOW”
  • “Next design” is looking beyond the crisis to an age of networks and sustainability. There are two strategies…..
  • Strategy 1:Sustain the old economy, an industrial model that was based on consumption goods, and keep producing more and more consumer products. But this could make things worse…Do not use the crisis to start a new basis, nothing can continue to grow and develop in a limited system.
  • Strategy 2: Promote a new economy that uses services and systems to create sustainable well-being…this is an asset for a sustainable future.
  • This next economy that can be centered around services and systems can be divided into 3. GREEN, SOCIAL and NETWORK economies.
  • GREEN economy=ecological re-orientation, highly eco- efficient systems for sustainable use of energy, water and food etc.
  • SOCIAL economy=social re-orientation, new services for social demands and social cohesion
  • NETWORK economy=organizational re-orientation, distributed systems, producers, networks and collaborative services.
  • The biggest challenge though is to understand what the new ‘products’ will be from the result of this new economy.
  • Potential products from this economy change: Renewable energy systems, better mobility services, social housing, community services, education improvement=RESULT ORIENTATED, SOCIO-TECHNICAL SYSTEMS.
  • These ‘products’ can be achieved through highly customerised, user focused solutions….networks of people, products, places and service orientated systems that will bring value to people.
  • To create these complex systems we need to understand and apply interaction design

Platform to change….sustainable changes by you and me

February 17, 2009


Yesterday we started our first industry project on the CIID pilot year. I have chosen to work on the project run by Mikael Fuhr from the DSB vision Lab and the Live|work team based in Oslo. Our project is called a “Platform to change”

“DSB finds itself in a key position in the climate crisis issue. Partly by coincidence , since trains are the “right” choice of transport from a co2 emission point-of-view, and partly because DSB has a strong environmental policy and record on purchases, materials and waste disposal and even architecture.

That key position could be used and expanded: In addition to acting responsibly as a business, DSB could take upon itself the obligation to lead in promoting awareness of how to deal with the climate crisis. Not solely in the field of train transport, but in general by helping and hosting the collection and sharing of knowledge and ideas in Denmark.

The Brief

In this project we will ask you to design a platform for action where danish citizens can create a cooperative partnership with DSBĀ  and provide a new sense of ownership to transport solutions. This will fundamentally change DSB’s role as a provider of transport to a group of passengers, into a relationship where DSB and travellers are equal partners providing transport services together. DSB can act as the initiator of such a platform, both from a vale perspective and from an infrastructural perspective. DSB sees this as a long-term opportunity, and notĀ  as a short-term business.

Key Themes

Service design, experience prototyping, sustainability,public transport, transportation, grassroot actions, platform, touch-points, service blueprint, user journey.