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Interaction Design Program

September 27, 2009

A quick video put together of the first week of team building run by Karen Ward on the new Interaction Design Program

Final Project Report

September 20, 2009

Eventually I have finished my final project report for my solo project at CIID. It contains most of my process and explorations!

Get Inspired at Designit

September 17, 2009


The past two days for me have been incredible!…I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to present my final project from CIID to DesignIt, in Copenhagen and in Arhus at one of their internal “Get Inspired Sessions” It was a priviledge for me to present to them, to gain their feedback on my idea and process and generally to talk to all the lovely people that work there!

I first came across DesignIt about 5 months ago while studying at CIID. They are a strategic design consultancy that has a studio in Copenhagen, Arhus as well as other parts of Europe and Asia. When I came across the company I was super excited and inspired by the diversity of work they cover, the industries they work in and their approaches and methodologies towards the projects they work on. So as you can imagine my eyes lit up when I found out that Mikal Hallstrup, the Chief Visionary Ofiicer and Co-Founder of the company was going to be one of our external examiers for our final project exam at CIID! Meeting Mikal and the rest of the team was a great opportunity to learn more about what the company does and see how elements of our thinking and practice at CIID overlap with the processes they use at DesignIt.

So thank you guys for this super opportunity, it is greatly appreciated!

……they also have a great blog and monthly news post called thinkaboutit, which I highly recommend you subscribe to!

Novonordisk Project…

September 17, 2009


Around 3 months ago at CIID half the class were lucky enough to take part in an 2 week industry project for Novonordisk (the other half worked with Nokia) In pairs we worked on different design challenges defined by Novo, and rapidly generated and developed socially relevant concepts in an area they are currently persuing. At the end of two weeks myself and Erlend presented a solution that was communicated through a high resolution video scenario. Unfortunately I cannot disclose anymore information as the project was done under an NDA….but I am super happy to say that out of the four groups that presented to Novo, our project was one of two that they have decided to keep hold of and develop in the future!


September 17, 2009

Monday was the first day of the offical “Interaction Design Program” The pilot year has finished and its time for some fresh energy and new talent at CIID! However before the Pilot Year ended I was lucky enough to get to write a sum up of our exams and graduation for the CIID Website. This is what I wrote…….

The interaction Design Pilot Year aimed to be a fast paced, collaborative, experimental and energetic year, and the last three months have been no exception to this! Since June, the pilot year students have been working on their final year projects, a chance for them to go solo, put all they have learnt into practice and further develop who they are as individual designers.

This all came to a climax on the 24th, 25th and 26th of August when they presented their final projects to a board of external examiners including Bill Moggridge (IDEO) Gillian Crampton Smith (IUAV) and Mikal Hallstrup (Designit) Over the three days each student took it in turn to step up onto the podium and present their project process, from initial explorations, to iterative prototypes to the final designs. The diversity in project themes ranged from sustainable service solutions to products that have personalities to new cameras for children. It was amazing to see the individual styles of each student really shining through, each project was unique in their very own way, and showed a different approach towards interaction design.

After presenting their projects the students received comments and critique from the examiners. The feedback proved to be very thoughtful and constructive, and provoked interesting discussions on how the projects could be developed further. All in all an amazing experience for the students to present to such down to earth yet highly experienced design professionals.

When all the exams were finished on the final day, there was just enough time for a quick change of clothes before the graduation ceremony! The ceremony began with a round of inspirational speeches from Professor John Heskett, our external examiners and Simona Maschi (Head of Program) The students then took to the stage once again and were presented with their certificates and a crown of leaves, in fitting with our “From Adam to Yves” exhibition! It was a very symbolic moment!

After multiply rounds of (emotional, yet happy) photographs, and trying to re-create the group photo we took on the first day of the pilot year, we sat down to a hygge dinner to celebrated the brilliant success of the year and toasted to the future of the Interaction Design program.

Check out the video!

Forgotten about video!

September 10, 2009

A fun video i made a couple of months ago to celebrate CIID getting the funding for next (now this) years interaction design program!

CIID Final Project: Echo

September 10, 2009

Picture 10

Echo, is my final year project at CIID. I have now updated my portfolio and you can see my final designs, videos and get an insight into my process for my final project. A massive thank you to everyone that helped me along the way, especially to my adviser Heather Martin. It was a great 3 months!

View Project here.

Updated Final Project Document

August 6, 2009

Updated process document of my final project…overview of what i’ve done!!


July 29, 2009


Last week I had a severe case of tunnel vision when it came to my project, i was starting to get distracted by silly details and was loosing sight of the true value in my idea and the research i had based it on..So to rectify this situation i refreshed my mind by hiding away all my scenarios and blueprints and looked back through my insights and prototyping and summarized my project into what it is, why I’m doing it and who for… I feel much better now! I have even started to mock up props and interface screens for my video prototyping!photos here.

An increased pace of life = People become absorbed in ‘achieving more’ rather than doing things that bring them enjoyment

People Become Detached from what there day-to-day life looks like, they are unaware of how busy they really are,  and how there time is distributed.

People find it hard to prioritize in their personal lives.


“I don’t currently write in a dairy as i imagine someone else reading it, so i wouldn’t put anything personal in it……I like the approach of this diary. I actually find i want to be more productive, so i have something interesting to write in it”

Actively logging your activities can motivate people to do well and stick to a program

For someone to use a ‘diary’ to reflect there needs to be a level of privacy

“I would love to schedule time for reading…but it sounds kind of dorky…So I would like to be able to track some of these things i would like to be able to do, without have to actually track them”

People feel silly for scheduling ‘me time’ into their routines, but are interested to become more aware if what they spend their their time on and when

“Hobbies are great when they are built into your life, i love it, but when you don’t do it for a while you forget how much you really enjoy them, until you do it again”

People easily forget how important certain activities are to them and how much they enjoy them when they stop doing them on a regular basis. People adjust to new situation easily.

“Prioritizing is difficult, it would be good to have ground rules, or a rule of thumb to follow”

People like to be guided in some way when it comes to making personal decisions….they need reassurance

A service that provides a platform for people to self reflect and become more aware of their lifestyle patterns. Its uses GPS tracking and direct reporting (data input) through the users mobile phone to build up a map of how people spend their time, with who and how happy they are. The data that is tracked and recorded is then transformed into different visualizations that the person can interact with, reflect on and see opportunities for change in their behaviour.

A self reflection tool, that helps people to reflect in the moment of doing something and overtime.

It helps people pinpoint  areas of their life that bring them personal enjoyment and supports them to experience more often

It allows people to reconnect to what their day-to-day life looks like and understand what they spend their time on, with who and how happy they are

It allows people to see trends and patterns in their behaviour, and opportunities for change they might normally miss. It is not designed to control behaviour, but to monitor and display actions in a way that will raise questions with the person.


Flexible, Customizable and Scalable

Work to reward and not punish

Use feedback to give gentle nudges

Feedback mechanisms = inform what you can do to change behaviour in real time

Leave it open so the user can fill in the end of the story…don’t tell them what to do, but give them clear information so they can make more informed decisions themselves.

(Matt Locke)

People who are motivated to do well and want to change

People that currently live a busy lifestyle and find it hard to prioritize, often sacrificing the things they really enjoy doing, so they can achieve more in other areas of their life

People who have gone through a change or transition in their life, that has caused

Initial Blueprint

July 11, 2009

This week it has been back to final project work after our amazing industry visits (documentation coming soon) I have been reviewing my feedback from my midway review and making an initial service blueprint. This has allowed me to focus and establish the key user interactions, the role of the service provider and the touch points of the service that need to be designed for my experience prototyping and my end communication. I have also come up  with a name for the service and started working on the branding. Currently i am working on designing some of the touch points needed for experience prototyping next week, so when i have finished then i will also reveal the name!

102_0985brainstorming service name

102_0969initial service blueprint