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Initial Blueprint

July 11, 2009

This week it has been back to final project work after our amazing industry visits (documentation coming soon) I have been reviewing my feedback from my midway review and making an initial service blueprint. This has allowed me to focus and establish the key user interactions, the role of the service provider and the touch points of the service that need to be designed for my experience prototyping and my end communication. I have also come up  with a name for the service and started working on the branding. Currently i am working on designing some of the touch points needed for experience prototyping next week, so when i have finished then i will also reveal the name!

102_0985brainstorming service name

102_0969initial service blueprint

Cluster, evaluate, refine, decide, develop!

March 19, 2009

The past two days has been a little bit crazy! After our brainstorming sessions we had 100’s of ideas to sort through, cluster into groups and then try to decided on which ideas to use as inspiration or develop further.  Our sorting process was a combination of setting aside any ideas that we didn’t think would bring value to a visitor to Copenhagen and the library, or any ideas that didn’t make us excited! After our initial first cut we categorized the ideas in clusters such as “user generated content” “services based on personal interest” “out of library services”

brainstormweek15Clustering the ideas into categories

We then used 5 votes each to choose ideas that we would like to work on. Surprisingly all had similar interests in the direction we thought we should take.

brainstormweek12Adam thinking about using his votes!

brainstormweek11Some of our ideas!

After discussing why voted on our specific choices, we chose the three ideas to develop further…..creating a simple user scenario, a persona and looking at the user value and stakeholders involved in the service.  We then presented our ideas to the faculty for discussion. A couple of these were….

1. A service that promotes “wandering” around new cities and serendipitous learning and discovery. Location tracking would be used to inform you of when you were about to walk past something culturally significant in Copenhagen,a and a message sent to your mobile phone/Iphone/Blackberry etc. Further Related Information would then be sent your mobile. For example if you were at the opera house, you might be sent a famous danish opera song, or information on the performances that will be their soon, as well as telling you how to buy tickets for them.


2.”Book your books” In a nut shell a service that allows you to pre-order books from the library to the hotel you are staying in. Meaning you have the ease of traveling lighter and the option to find out more about danish culture by using the resources of the library.


After our group meeting with Simona, Ana Camila and Brian we decided to develop our idea for a library service for hotels further. So today we spent the day developing a service blueprint using a user scenario, thinking about the role of the service provider, the touch points needed, and the backstage operations necessary for the service to work. Tomorrow we will go on to develop further scenarios with different users, and think about the “worst case scenario” situations. Over the weekend we will then develop a further service diagram and a low-res video to show the core of our idea.

brainstormweek4Working out the service touchpoints

brainstormweek3Rough service blueprint starting to take shape

brainstormweek1Part of the user scenario (illustrations by sid)

**photographs on this post were taken by Adam**

Children are the hero’s of our enviroment

February 26, 2009

a sneak preview of our service concept on how schools can promote sustainable awareness


I will write a full post this weekend about the whole project and idea 🙂