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Interaction design in Copenhagen

March 1, 2009


Great news came on Friday that CIID have launched their application process for next year!!!

“The interaction design program teaches students to apply technology to everyday life, through the design of software, products, and services. We believe in a hands-on and user-centered approach to interaction design. Students learn the programming and electronics skills needed to work with technology as a design medium. They conduct user-research and experience prototyping to provide real-world grounding for their concepts. Frequent work in multi-disciplinary teams encourages peer-to-peer learning. A diverse selection of visiting faculty exposes students to a range of expertise.

Next year’s interaction design programme builds on the structure of the pilot year. The twelve month programme is divided into three tiers: foundations, investigations, and the thesis. The foundations are short workshops that provides students with the skills they need throughout the year. The investigations give students the opportunity to pursue in-depth projects around a particular design brief. The thesis provides students with an opportunity to explore an area of their choosing, combining design work with reflection and knowledge generation. Additionally, students will participate in innovation projects: collaborations with industry on briefs of mutual interest.

As an education concerned with the broad potential of design and technology, the interaction design programme is looking for a wide diversity of students. We welcome applicants from all over the world and from any background. You should be curious and creative; enthusiastic about design and working in a cross-disciplinary environment. Whether you’re currently studying or working, you should be interested in the connections between education and interaction design practice. As this is a new programme, we’re seeking students with an interest in helping to shape the education and curriculum. We plan to have a class of approximately 25 students”

I may be a little bias but if you want to study interaction design this is the place to be, the course is awesome, the faculty are unreal and the energy between everyone is great! It is by far one of the best decisions i ever made! If you want to see more about the sort of projects you would be working on check out our microsite.


blueprint, buddies and beer

February 27, 2009


11.30pm thursay night……..john and lavrans (live|work) are our saviors bringing us beer while we put our presentations together for tomorrow!and a few sneak preview photos from our project!







i think its time to cycle home…..

CIID pilot year microsites go live!

February 3, 2009

For the past 6 months 21 students from around the world have been studying on the Interaction Design Pilot year, at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID). During this time we have taken part in 10 workshops, ranging from user research with the elderly, to design theory, to physical computing to graphical and tangible user interfaces. All our projects have now been documented to date and is available to see at

picture-1The school will be announcing it’s application process for September 2009 in the next few weeks. If you know of anyone who might be interested in applying please let them know.

Glaedelig Jul

December 15, 2008


As its getting close to the end of term i thought i would just say a big merry christmas to everyone that i will probally not see for the next wee while. Have a great holiday and new year!!!

Party time….

December 14, 2008

Last night we had our christmas party at CIID…..It was awesome! we had a mixture of tradditional danish food and some dishes from our home countries. We also had a photo booth, that projected the images throughout the night… much fun! Here are some of the shots 🙂

Scottish shortbread

December 13, 2008

Today i had a lovely morning baking scottish shortbread for the CIID christmas party tonight…..I wanted to record this as it is the first time I have done it in my life, after living in scotland for 23 years! I obviously needed to move to copenhagen to be inspired to go back to my scottish roots!


Pecha Kucha @ CIID

November 20, 2008

On monday the pilot year students held their first internal Pecha Kucha night. Pecha Kucha is a presentation format, with the idea to keep the presentations concise, the interest level up and to have many presenters sharing their ideas within the course of one night. Therefore the 20×20 Pecha Kucha format was created: each presenter is allowed a slide show of 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds.

The name derives from a Japanese term for the sound of conversation “chit-chat”.

During my presentation i showed previous work, inspiring projects, companies and people i admire and general day to day interests! It was an absolutely fantastic evening… was great to gain more of an insight into people lives before they came on the pilot year. On Monday we had an architect, a film producer, web designer, programmer and myself presenting so it was a great mixture, i am really looking forward to the next five presentations next Monday!! goes live!

October 23, 2008

The new website solely for the CIID/DKDS Pilot year is know up and running!!Check it out!

Anab Jain comes to CIID :)

October 20, 2008

“Yellow Chair Stories”

A live service design project carried out by Anab whilst studying at the RCA

On friday Anab jain came in to give us a talk on her work she has produced over the past few years, including some from when she studied interaction design at the RCA and her research work at the Helen Hamlyn Centre. Currently Anab has just set up her own consultancy and is working on near-future mobile and service design projects with nokia design in London. Her website is fantastic and tells you everything she has worked on, very worthwhile reading and extreamly inspiring work!

Danish tradition

September 27, 2008

Yesterday we ended an amazing second week with our first ” Fredagbar” (Friday bar) and some more bonding in the form of softball!

photos by Alie!