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Reboot11 round up!

June 27, 2009

Here is our full documentation for CIID‘s activities at the Reboot11 conference

Reboot11…day 2

June 26, 2009



An update from todays activities at reboot11 so far…….

Day two started slightly more slowly but by mid-morning we hit the ground running with Olf, a German product manager in a large tech company and also a father of 3. He is interested in building a platform to help communication in his childrens’ kindergarten. They often use email haphazardly to organise things like BBQs and events and he thinks this can be improved. Tobias & Kevin went through a brain storming session with him, discussing current collaboration tools, social decision making processes and how to test ideas iteratively. Later on, he came back to chat to Marcin to learn a little bit about Ruby on Rails to gain some more technical information about building a system himself.

Erlend, Tobias, Francesco and Sid were asked to make Ami from TwitterJobSearch’s nametag the biggest attention grabber at Reboot 11. The students equipped the tag with bigger text and two red, pulsating, ultrabright leds to make sure that nobody could miss it.

Two ladies from a publishing company approached us with the challenge of how to scale their their writerclub website into something that could support building a writer community, connecting users, finding texts and personalising profiles. Erlend, Sid and Francesco took up the gauntlet and the first part of the brainstorm was used to find the core “selling points” and values. Then we discussed sites that are already doing something within the same domain as the “writes club”. The session ended with a look through the current writer clubs while the students gave them tips and directions on what to change.

While all of this was going on, Mellis gave a talk about making money from open-source hardware. CIID students turned out to support him, and a few other people showed up, too. The talk discussed Mellis’s experience from Arduino: who makes money on it, how, and how much.  He also suggested some alternative business models and posed some broader questions about open-source hardware.  There was good discussion throughout and lots of interesting suggestions.

CIID@Reboot 11

June 25, 2009

Today was the first  day of Reboot11, and the students of CIID were there ready to take action! We were acting as a design consultancy giving advice to people on hoe to develop their ideas forward. Here is a Video from the day that Adam made and a write up of what we have done so far (i had the fun job of documenting all we were doing for the Reboot book!)

some initial photos her too!

DAY 1 at Reboot 11
Designers for Action

The Interaction Design Pilot Year  hosted an open lab for the 2-day Reboot conference. The idea was for students to act as consultants//designers/prototyping gurus/partners on any random ideas that conference participants wanted to share. Any ideas produced are open source and were displayed on a big wall at the venue and published in the Reboot book and on the website.

This was the first time Reboot tried this open lab approach. It was an experiment but almost immediately a good synergy was struck and a dialogue between the conference participants and the students evolved naturally. The lab was located smack-bang in the middle of the venue, so in line with the theme for this years conference – it was action stations from the word go.

The day started off with some pre-planning, putting up our profiles and setting up the lab. Armed with markers, post-its (every interaction designers favourite tool) and a team of 19 interaction designers, the lab worked non-stop to help people drive their ideas forward. Over the course of the day, the diversity of people we worked with was really broad. People had brilliant starting points within a wide variety of industries and it was great to pool our knowledge together to help them. We discussed ideas ranging from multi-touch surfaces to solar powered wifi bikes; rapid prototyping for children to video concepts for a Danish language consultant.

The first group of people to get snapped up were Erlend, Eline, Francesco  and Nunzia  who had a two hour session, working for Thomas Antvorskov Krag who has developed a bike with a solar powered wireless internet connection attached. During the session they generated and developed concepts for new services connected to the idea. Why have a wifi connection on a bike? Where could it be used?…and what would be some interesting service design concepts? The final idea was ‘Park = free wifi’ – which works a bit like an ice-cream van in that it rings a bell to generate interest and followers. This creates a natural but mobile meeting point, encouraging small ad-hoc communities to form in public spaces. The students briefed Thomas to come up with a theme tune so they can build an experience prototype on day 2. Thinking about initial stakeholders, the library would be a good partner as it would be an excellent way to expand the library to an outdoor space.

Next up were Marcin, Adam and Kevin who worked with Espen Fjord, Head of Development at Gladsaxe Public Libraries. He was interested in creating touch screen interfaces to enable foreigners  and immigrants to access news from their home country.  They discussed ways to prototype the ideas and drive the project further.

Also connected to ideas surrounding transportation…we worked with Chris from Meadow Networks. Chris is  an MIT alumni working on concepts to submit to the USA government. The goal of her project is to develop frameworks and concepts surrounding the future of transport. During the session we created sketches that focused on the user experience. We also discussed how specific scenarios and how video prototyping can be used as tools to address her design challenge.

While this was all going on, Alice was make lots of children happy, by putting her skills as a product designer to good use by helping them create rapid prototypes of drawings they had produced. There should be some 3D bugs running around the conference very soon!

In the kindergarten Siddharth was also entertaining some children (and adults!) by  demoing his final project he is working on CIID. The game he has designed allows children to run about talking photographs as part of set challenges.

Throughout the day Mimi and Tobias worked on a few projects together. The first one was with a Danish Language consultant who wanted advice on re-designing an online platform she uses to show elements of her work in video format. They gave advice on how to make the graphic design and layout fun and engaging for people to use. The second team they worked with was very different…they helped one of the organisers from Palomas to organise a space they are using for a 2 week camp in Berlin. During the camp they will conduct creative workshops and brainstorm new ideas to take action. They also gave some tips on how to use video prototypes as a promotional tool to promote the camp in the run up towards it.

Kevin had the opportunity to consult Joao from Portugal who is currently changing jobs and moving into a new role where he was planning and improving user flows on a large commercial site. Kevin & Joao had an interesting discussion about wireframing techniques, how to use questionnaires as part of the design process to communicate with the client and about design communication. They especially focused on what language to use when talking to clients so that you’re talking about goals and aims and not personal taste.

Just before lunch, Ujjval and Eilidh took a break from documenting the Open Lab at Reboot and spent time working with Adam to generate ideas for Ole Høegh Hansen who is developing web based concepts aimed at improving work flow, motivation and achieving goals within a work place. During the session they facilitated a brainstorming session and came up with some practical solutions, as well as some crazy ones!

The final session to happen before a well earned lunch break was with Martin from and Martin from The Royal Academy of Architecture in Copenhagen. The two Martins came with us to build an iPhone app to encourage silence, but we suggested to that we go back to the root question and brainstorm that. We asked ‘how might we encourage people to be more silent?’ and held a 1 minute silence together before engaging in a rapid brainstorming session with ideas around silence booths, social contracts, silent areas in airports and lots of other ideas. We left them with a big bunch of ideas and challenged them to take action by creating a silent experiment later in the day.

After lunch Adam & Mimi worked with Andreas Lloyd who has a food coop called KFAX. Andreas wanted to find ways to communicate his concept. Video prototyping was the focus of interest and they demonstrated how video can be a excellent tool to express service design concepts. Andreas was concerned that his editing skills were not up to making a film but even if this is too complex for some non-interaction designers, making a storyboard really helps work out what the important aspects of the service are.

The final session for day one of Reboot was run by Nina, Siddharth and Eilidh. They worked with Søren Ejlersen from to visualise the core value of an idea he was presenting to the Climate and Energy Ministry the next day. The core of the idea was to demonstrate the values of train travel over personal care usage. After creating a series of diagrams for Søren to present, the team went armed with a video camera to do live voxpops  and asked the question “what qualities would you like to experience when travelling by train” This provided additional material to support the idea we had visualised!

To sum up…Day one at Reboot has been fantastic. It has been great how willing and open people are with their ideas and the variety of projects we have got to work on is super. Everyone has shown so much respect for our work and have been really enthusiastic about what we have done…..We are all looking forward to tomorrow!

Summer Solstice

June 24, 2009

Midsummer is Scandinavia’s most popular festival right along with Christmas. A traditional celebration of the Summer solstice, Midsummer is the longest day of the year. Last night in Copenhagen we also celebrated Sankt Hans aften (St. John’s Eve) which is also very popular among the Danes.  On that day, Danes sing their traditional “We Love Our Land” and burn straw witches on bonfires. This is done in Denmark in memory of the Church’s witchburnings of the 16th and 17th century.

It was a really amazing evening, spent on the beach watching the sun come up, swimming in the sea and a lot of laughing with great friends! the evening/morning ended with breakfast at the Christianshavn Lakes in the beautiful sunshine!







Open Lectures@CIID

June 7, 2009

Picture 1

This week in Malmo the From Business to Buttons conference is taking place. “From Business to Buttons is the meeting place in Europe for interaction designers, business strategist and usability experts. If you want to expand your business, and become a leader in the UX field, there is no better place to get the tools and inspiration”

Because of this great conference happening on our doorstep  some of the speakers at the conference are coming to give OPEN lectures at CIID, so we have a exciting week lined up! On Tuesday we have Dave Malouf & Bill DeRouchey. Dave Malouf of the Savannah College of Art and Design and Bill DeRouchey of Ziba Design will lead a discussion around the State of IxD. On Wednesday we have Matt Cottam (RSID) and on Thursday we have Matt Jones founder of Dopplr. To find out more about the events and what they will be talking about check out the CIID website here.

June 3, 2009

Picture 6

For the past few weeks i have been trying to finish off my new portfolio website with the aim to start applying for internships and jobs for after CIID! i still have a few tweaks to make, but if you have any advice or feedback please let me know! You can see it here.

Service Design interview with Jeff Howard

May 6, 2009


During the Easter holidays  Interaction Designer Jeff Howard interviewed me on our past Service Design course at CIID, taught by Simona maschi and Brian Rink.  For me this was really exciting as the Design for Service website that Jeff writes for has been a great reference for me while i have been exploring the world of service design! The interview got published here today.

CIID on infosthetics

April 30, 2009


Kevin and Marcin have written a really nice article on  The article is a sum up of the data visualization class we took at CIID back in November taught by Shawn Allen.

” Under supervision of Shawn Allen from Stamen Design, the students were given a two week long class in data visualisation. Many students had no previous experience in programming or data visualization but managed to create a wide range of applications that used different approaches to deal with large amount of information. They got a crash course in Actionscript 3, lectures in how to approach Data Visualization as a discipline and details on how to connect and parse information from the UN Data site.” Read the whole article here.

Eilidh@johnny holland

April 20, 2009


I am very happy to say that i have just had my first article published on the online magazine ‘johnny holland’. Johnny Holland is an open collective exploring the interactions of experience design. The first article i wrote was an introduction to personal informatics. You can check it out here.


April 7, 2009

At the end of last week and over the weekend, four groups from CIID travelled to Arhus to exhibit at the NEXT conference organised by the Innovation lab. Over the few days we showed our projects from the four week TUI course we had done earlier in the year with Heather Martin…and i am so happy to say that the meet the food you eat scale behaved very well and didn’y have to be fixed once! Here is some footage of it in action and some other cool projects that were at the exhibition!

little boy playing with the meet the food you eat scale!

a plant that coughs when people smoke near it, made by Kitchen Budapest

cool boxing game developed by the distance lab

a rotating persistence-of-vision display that creates glowing 3D images, by Nick Sears