Experience Prototype #2

Over the weekend i conducted another simple experience prototype. This time is was with Mimi from my class. During this experiment i wanted to question what motivates people to stick to a program and how do people react when they are rewarded for it. During this experiment, like the previous one i got Mimi to track certain tasks she wanted to complete, and alert the service (me!) when she had done so through either an SMS or by leaving a physical note on my desk. When Mimi was doing well i would give her rewards in different ways…These included:

1. an email with a reward voucher attached that she had to print out and bring to me to then exchange it for a gift

2. a surprise gift and note  left on her desk one morning

3. simple “well done” messages to her mobile phone

The video below shows the documentation of the experiment. After it was over i interviewed Mimi to get feedback, some of my  key learning’s are below 🙂

-receiving the welcome pack felt like you were getting a gift

-The system has to  be flexible enough to deal with changes in people’s schedules and priorities that will occur

-When a gift was a complete surprise, it was better than knowing you were about to receive something in advance

-Big rewards were not expected as part of the service, but it was nice when the little surprises were personal and tailored to the individual as it makes you feel like the service knows you

-It would be nice to share  the experience with a friend(s) and get motivation and advice from them, it would also allow you to share your day to day life with people you don’t have the opportunity to see on a day to day basis



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