Reboot11…day 2



An update from todays activities at reboot11 so far…….

Day two started slightly more slowly but by mid-morning we hit the ground running with Olf, a German product manager in a large tech company and also a father of 3. He is interested in building a platform to help communication in his childrens’ kindergarten. They often use email haphazardly to organise things like BBQs and events and he thinks this can be improved. Tobias & Kevin went through a brain storming session with him, discussing current collaboration tools, social decision making processes and how to test ideas iteratively. Later on, he came back to chat to Marcin to learn a little bit about Ruby on Rails to gain some more technical information about building a system himself.

Erlend, Tobias, Francesco and Sid were asked to make Ami from TwitterJobSearch’s nametag the biggest attention grabber at Reboot 11. The students equipped the tag with bigger text and two red, pulsating, ultrabright leds to make sure that nobody could miss it.

Two ladies from a publishing company approached us with the challenge of how to scale their their writerclub website into something that could support building a writer community, connecting users, finding texts and personalising profiles. Erlend, Sid and Francesco took up the gauntlet and the first part of the brainstorm was used to find the core “selling points” and values. Then we discussed sites that are already doing something within the same domain as the “writes club”. The session ended with a look through the current writer clubs while the students gave them tips and directions on what to change.

While all of this was going on, Mellis gave a talk about making money from open-source hardware. CIID students turned out to support him, and a few other people showed up, too. The talk discussed Mellis’s experience from Arduino: who makes money on it, how, and how much.  He also suggested some alternative business models and posed some broader questions about open-source hardware.  There was good discussion throughout and lots of interesting suggestions.


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