Quick experience prototype

This week i carried out a quick experience prototype with some of the guys from CIID. On a map of Copenhagen i got them to plot their weekends activities, after giving them step by step instructions to follow. These were:

Step 1: Write a list of priorities you like to do on (i) a daily basis (ii) a weekly basis.

Step 2: On different coloured post-its categorize these priorities, how do you divide up your time.

Step 3: On the map of Copenhagen mark out where you live and work.

Step 4: Plot out your weekend activities by writing individual activities you did, at what time and with who. Write these activities on coloured post-its corresponding to one of the categories you already defined. (use the color code you set)

Step 5: Place the post-it on the map at the location of where the activity took place

Step 6: Give the activity a rating out of 5, of how satisfying it was (writing on the post it as well)

102_0522Alie’s List of priorities

102_0541Ujjval starting to map his activities

102_0539Patterns starting to show….

102_0548Ujjval drawing a path to show the order of his activities

102_0558Nunzia’s Map, she has categorized her time into ‘shared’ and ‘private’

102_0571Sid’s Map!

102_0563Comparing peoples maps on the Wall!

The rest of the photos can be seen here.

Some of my key findings so far for the exercise were:

-People are unaware of how much they actually do, and how busy they are until they actually sit down and think about it.

-People have very different views about how they categorize their time.

-Using colour to show different categories, very quickly enables you to see patterns in behaviour especially related to the home and workplace.

-Putting priorities into categories allows you to what areas you spend most time on in your life, and then you can go to a deeper layer of data to find out specific activities. etc.

-The people who you are with often has a huge influence on the satisfaction of the activity your doing.

To learn more about these patterns and behaviours i am testing this experience prototype on myself as well. But instead of putting a few days on a map, I am recording everything i do each day on a new map. This way i can compare each day individually, see if any patterns or routines appear, and look back easily on which day was my ‘happiest/satisfied’ and then see what activities i was doing that day and who with.

At the end of this week i’l post my maps and findings!


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