Clustering Brainstorming Ideas


The brainstorming festival we had this week was a huge success, lots of creative ideas were generated that proved to be great inspiration to be developed further or to trigger new thinking. After completing the brainstorm i spent a little time to cluster my ideas before going through them. Some the clusters that formed were goal orientated tracking, tracking with sensors and tangible objects for visualisation.

After spending time sketching out initial thoughts and ideas after the brainstorming i have decided to focus on an idea that uses GPS and direct reporting (inputting data) in its simplest form to make a happiness map for the user… by tracking when and how long you spend on certain activities, who you are with and how satisfied it makes you, relative to what your priorities are.  At the moment this idea sounds very fluffy but it is clearer in my head!! i am currently mapping out scenarios and how the service could potentially work. We have a review next week so i will post my presentation then when things will be clearer!


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