User research underway!

Since last Thursday i have been conducting user research sessions with a variety of people…some students, some couples and some families. I have even spoken to some extreme users and am conducting some experiments remotely!!  At the moment i am trying to keep my mind open to what i  might find, but it is also daunting how much information i get on a single research session. Some recurring areas that have come out so far are, wanting to make more time to speak to or see friends and family’s and having time to do things that really satisfy you and help you work towards your goals! Another insight which is been re occurring which i have found interesting it the fear people have in future and not ‘making it’ professionally! I still have a few more interviews to do and a lot of diaries to get back, so any thoughts at the moment could change hugely!

P1030911Eric mapping his priorities

P1030922Martin drawing how his life in balance has changed since he left home

DSC05111Rune deciding on his priorities on a daily basis

P1030925Martins new and old planner!

P1030942Starting to map out user research


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