Objective, research, assumptions

End Statement
I want to help people feel in control and have a more balanced lifestyle, yet still meet their own personal priorities that brings  them meaning to their lives.

Research Objective
Find out what does it mean for people to have a balanced life. What do people need to do to feel in control. How does this vary at different stages of their lives and how do their priorities change.

Currently there are a number of personal informatics tools on the market to help people balance their lives. These tools generally are designed to help very generic areas of peoples lives for example, health, finances and energy consumption. Some of these tools have been a great success but other are just a waste of time, i am very skeptical that any bar chart on a screen will actually motivate anyone to change their behaviour.

I believe that there are other more specialized and interesting areas that could be addressed to help people feel more balanced. These could be very subjective to each person, but there may be some interesting patterns. Some of these assumptions could be:

People need to..

  • Check there emails repetitively throughout the day
  • Speak to parents/grandparents each weak so they don’t feel guilty
  • Read Newspapers to make them feel they are up to date with current knowledge
  • Do some sort of exercise each week
  • Keep in contact with friends that live in other cities/countires
  • Buy organic or fair-trade food to make them feel like they are being healthy or ethically conscious
  • Recycle their paper and bottles.
  • Shower every morning and evening
  • Wear unwashed clothes everyday
  • Make sure there mobile phone is fully charged at all times
  • Know where their ‘significant other’ is at all times

Even writing this short list of assumptions of the top of my head has really made me realize how big this area is i am trying to tackle, but also very interesting! Lets see if any of these assumptions come true!

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