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“travel global ¦ read local” final presentation

April 7, 2009

“travel global ¦ read local” is a service concept that Adam, Sid and myself developed during our 5 week service design course. During this time we explored how we could design new experiences for the Danish Public Libraries. After conducting research we decided to focus on designing for visitors and tourists to Copenhagen. We thought this was a challenging and exciting opportunity as currently the only people that can use all of the great resources that the libraries provide are people registered as living in Denamrk, who have a social security Number. So after our research phase of our project we set ourself this design challenge:

“Foreign visitors and new residents are interested in local knowledge and Danish Culture that matches their own interests and tastes. The library is seen as a trustworthy source of information, and for the the new foreigners that visit the library it makes them feel part of a local community. But for the most foreign visitors, the library plays no role in exploring Dnemark.

How can the library bring its services to foreign visitors and guests so they have access to Danish Knowledge and Culture that is both personalised and trustworthy? “

Throughout the project we used a number of tools to gain insight and to develop our ideas ranging from inital interviews, voxpop’s, experience prototyping, persona’s and experience prototyping. The presentation below shows what we presented along with our final video on Friday.  The Presentation is a combination of using the key elements of our process that led us to our final concept along with tell as story about our experience as well.

Below is our final video for our concept video. It is filmed in a documentary style, to try and capture all sides of the service.

If more information on the project look here.


tv, take 2

April 2, 2009

Today the meet the food you eat scale was back on TV. Preben Meyer founder of the Innovation Lab was on another talk show for TV2 (Denmark) this afternoon, and requested to have the scale with him again… but this time live from Aarhus. Sid went with the scale to check out the action!

quick experience prototyping presentation

April 1, 2009

An overview of our experience prototyping… will probably appear in our final presentation again!