Experience Prototyping

The last week has been super busy, so i’ve not had time to up date my blog on our progress with our service design project, so i will give a brief overview now of what we have been up to. For the last week we have been conducting experience prototyping, to test out assumptions about our service concept. Some of the questions we wanted to address were:

are hotels willing to implement a book service for their guests?

are hotel guests interested in looking at books they did not bring with them from home?

what  material would be most useful or what type of books would guests like to see available?

what sort/style of hotel would this service suit?

does the library have a problem charging the hotel money for the service? (creating a business model)

After some initial informal visits to a variety of hotels and speaking to their guests, we planned an experience prototype at a boutique hotel in Copenhagen called Hotel FOX. A massive thank you has to be given to them for their cooperation and support they have given us in testing the idea!

To test our service we provided the hotel with a selection of 20 books. These books were focused around danish culture and design, in each book there was a recommendation bookmark that provides the guests with places to visit within Copenhagen, that were related to the book they had chosen. We also prepared welcome packs for the hotels to give out to their guests as they checked in. These packs had a small introduction to the service, a catalog of books they could choose from, an order form to request books and a feedback card so we could find out what they did/didn’t like about the service etc….

dsc03582the super trendy hotel FOX

welcomepack14the selection of books we provided the library with

welcomepack7bookmark with the recommendations for the guests

welcomepack3welcome packs

img_3293welcome pack, with the order and feedback form….

img_3295brochure explaining service and the books available

After dropping all the material off at the hotel, we spent a few hours each day at the hotel, during check-in times to observe the reactions of the guests, how they responded to the service and how the receptionists introduced the service to their customers. So far the receptionists have been great at explaining the service and trying to promote, one guest has even checked out a book on danish architecture! so we are super happy about this! We will leave the books their for a few more days and see if we get any more response!


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