TUI exhibition

On friday we ended our TUI block with presentations, and a brilliant exhibition organised by Alie and Heather. During the  presentations we got some great feedback from our internal CIID faculty as well as Durrell Bishop, Christopher Scales and Yasmine Abbas.   Throughout the course each group generated, developed  and refined ideas and worked towards building a technically working prototype. We over came problems of aesthetics V’s function, using the correct metaphors and creating the right affordances, managing our time to achieve the deliverable and general nightmare issues around electronics and programming!! But in the end we pulled through and really learned a lot form the four weeks……Some photos from the exhibition

3246850865_af5dabf203Eline and Nunzia’s interactive alice and wonderland game

tui_dubmate_main-663x497Jacob,Francesco and Alice’s Dubmate for remote file sharing

fg_01-663x497Kevin and Ashwins Frontline Gloves for Firemen

the-finished-product-with-two-different-skins1-663x497Jason and Magnus’s “Easy run” making your Iphone tangible for running

tui-compound-eye-main-compound-eye-at-exhibition-663x497Marcin and Ujjval’s networked cameras

More photos on Ujjval’s, David’s and my flickr.

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