more GUI notes…

  • Always remember FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION
  • Human centered design differs from technology centered design due to the emphasis on the stakeholder

The three moments of truth

1. What consumers see’s on the shelve

2. When they first try the product

3. When the product experience catalyzes an emotion, or makes them want to talk about the product experience.

  • The Bandwagon effect: When people do or think because other people are…e.g

“Windows PC’s must be better than Macintoish computers because more people buy them”

  • Aesthetic-Usability effect: Users perceive more aesthetically pleasing designs to be easier to use.
  • Expectation effect: Perception and behavior changes as a result of personal expectations
  • ‘Expectation effect’ + ‘Aesthetic -Usability effect’ + exploring interfaces = lowering the learning curve when using a user interface
  • Usability is the ease in which people can employ a particular tool or human made object to achieve a goal
  • Flexibility-Usability trade off: A product that has lots of features in one place which is very convenient and flexible will work less efficiently, and have a lower usability value than a specialized tool with one feature.

Design hierarchy of needs

1.CREATIVITY: All needs have been satisfied and people begin interacting with the design in innovative ways.
The design is now used to create and explore areas that extend both the design and the person using the design

2. PROFICIENCY: Empowering people to do things better than they could previously

3. USABILITY: How easy and forgiving a design is to use

4. RELIABILITY: Stable and consistent performance. Erratic +frequent failure =low value

5. FUNCTIONALITY: basic functionality must be made or extra design features will have no meaning or low value



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