Cartoon House 2…..

On Friday, as a class we presented our CIID Cartoon House we had been working on. The aim of  the exercise was to think about how a home could be different in the future and to create visual representations using paper based medium. After we had created our cartoon house we then narrated a walk through… doing this exercise it allowed us to see where changes could be made, what ideas were unrealistic and triggered new thinking and ideas around what technology could be used to implement the ideas.  Making the cartoon house was a great way to a story and explain persona’s. The technique originates from Interval Research where they used it as a development tool.

I really loved the exercise and thought it was a great way to quickly come up with ideas and rapidly prototype them in  a very active way….because ideas were in the home environment it gave them far more context which made it easier to critique and build a story around.


Starting to build the kitchen







Virtual 3D video games in the living room!


Interactive widget window

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