Self Service Bike parts

I just came across an amazing self service on the design thinkers blog ……….. A vending machine that you can buy bike parts from. It is a perfect emergency solution for when you are no where near a bike repair shop or you need a part during closing hours. The concept has been prototyped by bicycle company Trek. Since moving to Copenhagen i have been cycling everywhere, luckily i haven’t needed any repairs….but i think a concept like this would be fantastic in cities such as Copnehagen and Amsterdam where cycling is a way of life! click here to read more!

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4 Responses to “Self Service Bike parts”

  1. amsterdamize Says:

    That is indeed nice, but since Amsterdam and Copenhagen have bike shops just about on every street corner, this would go the way of Star Bucks…too much competition or no use for it :).


  2. eilidhdickson Says:

    HI Marc, i think supporting local businesses is always key, i just think a couple of machines dotted around the city could be useful, however most people who can actually fix there bikes themselves without the help of a repair man would probally have spare parts anyway!

  3. amsterdamize Says:

    Could be, yeah, like most well intentioned efforts. A pilot is always welcome. But I see this as mostly a marketing gadget by Trek. And we know what Trek sells..right Trek bikes. I’d just hope they’d also put generic parts in there, not just theirs.

    All that said, it could very well work in the US, just not here, I think.

  4. eilidhdickson Says:

    ye i completely agree, i could very much see it as a marketing scheme as it is coming from a specific bike company.

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