The Wii Input!

For the last three days we have been receiving an intensive crash course on how to program using “processing” Being a bit of a newbie in this area, I have found the process fascinating. Although i am outside my comfort zone i feel this learning will really pay off when it comes to designing products and services that users can interact with, i think you can really engage with people using this technology.

Processing class (picture by Dave Mellis)

For that last couple of days we have been making short programs that a user can interact with using a Nintendo Wii controler. Some of the applications have included movement games,drawing applications and some very ambiguous artwork (very inspiring though!) The output currently is all screen based, which has either been made or controlled by the user-with the aim to give them a sense of achievement and excitement when they use it!

An interactive join the dot game I have been working on

Today we started on a new exercise which is very exciting!In groups we collected data from people using a Wii Remote, we will then turn the data we received into a visual representation of it. We chose to look at the difference in handwriting between boys and girls. We recorded 10 boys and 10 girls writing “A-B-C” on an imaginary blackboard. They used the Wii remote as a pen and the computer recorded the data!

A happy drawer!

Tomorrow we will be depicting our results and hopefully doing something cool with them!

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