Processing-Day 1

Today we started our first proper module at CIID, called Computation Media Design, or as most people call it Processing! The aim of this module is to teach us how to program, so we can turn an idea into code and be able to use it creatively in a design context. The content is being taught the very talented Patrick Kochlik and Dennis Paul (The Product)

Before being let loose on our computers we carried out hands-off exercises today! We used ‘people as instruction processors’

We were asked to write down three instructions-sets. These instructions were then dictated to three other participants. The other participants then processed the instructions by drawing on a piece of paper with a RGB marker’s

“The exercise aims at introducing the participants to programming as an everyday exercise,
a translation from intention into language into action. The result will be a set of very analog
procedural drawings”

I personally found the exercise was very effective and was a great way to get your mind thinking about how to write code and how it is proccessed to create an output! Big thumbs up!

Photos to follow.

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