The end of of the begining!

Week one of the CIID pilot year is over, and it was brilliant! i am even more excited now than i was on Monday. Yesterday we all presented our ideas for a survival product/experience for coming to Copenhagen. The ideas ranged from a question and answer video booth to the “Aesthetic Integration Mirror” Our idea was a concept called the Copenhagen cube. After hearing personal experiences and stories from a panel we decided our target user groups would be; People who had just arrived in the city to live there and wanted to meet new people and explore the city, but without having their head stuck in a map. The second user group was for people that had been living there a while and felt they wanted to be reacquainted with the city and everything it has to offer. Our idea was a simple game, that you rolled like a dice and then received a challenge depending which way it landed. Each challenge card would also have extra info about the activity you would be doing!

The Product:

Experience Prototype:

Challenge-Go to a traditional danish sausage stand and buy a hotdog. Ask for it in danish and eat it at the stand as it is a good place to meet people…….

After the presentation we all celebrated our first week being a great success due to all the hard work from the CIID staff. Thank you!


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