Public services in CPH

Prior to coming in Copenhagen, i had always heard how efficient and amazing the public services were!which made me very excited as it is an area i am deeply interested in within the design sector. This morning i had to go to the local authority office to register my stay and gain a residents permit.  I saw this as a perfect opportunity to see whether if all i had been hearing was true even for someone who doesn’t speak the language and is new to the city!

so….. I find the place on the map and cycle to the building, it is easy to find, when i get into the car park there are good signs telling me where not to park my bike. Good start so far!

And good facilities to lock your bike up….

The main entrance was very noticeable and there is a distinct sign telling me where i need to go being an EU resident, in English and Danish.

When i got into the office, i wasn’t able to take photographs, but the system was seamless! When you first enter you are faced with an electronic ticket machine where you recieve a ticket with a number on it. The number corresponds to your place in the que. You are then able to take a seat in a relaxed environment where you can fill in any relevant forms (that have perfect english translations) and then wait for your number to appear on a digital display. When it appears it also tells you which adviser to go to, you then hand in your documents,and go through your neccessary procedures, depending on what you are there for. Before you leave your advisor tells you what to expect and do for the next stage of your application. It is a very simple service, but it works fantastically. With a few very well designed touchpoints it made it a completely stressfree user experience, with no waiting in ques or mis communication! Just brillliant!

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