Interaction design Pilot Year

“September 15th, 2008 is a long awaited date in the CIID calendar. After two years of planning and fundraising we are finally launching The Interaction Design Pilot Year in collaboration with Danmarks Designskole (DKDS).

CIID’s aim is to establish a high profile design education that encourages a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environment. DKDS had been investigating new initiatives aimed at internationalising and developing the areas of interaction design & service design, proving to be the ideal partner for the Pilot Year.

Twenty-one students from nine different countries will embark on the intensive, full-time, experimental educational programme funded by the Enterprise and Construction Authority (EBST) and the Danish Ministry of Culture.

Our aim is for students, faculty and staff to work together in a multi-cultural, multidisciplinary studio environment to co-create a new kind of education that is relevant for academia and industry.

The intense one-year curriculum is varied and includes a number of skills-based modules, followed by in-depth investigations in to graphical/tangible interfaces and service design.

We hope that many interesting projects will come in to fruition throughout this inaugural year and that through working together we will create a centre for excellence in design, technology and innovation.

For more information on the course please contact Alie Rose ( ”

via CIID blog

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